Misconstruing ‘Slam Poetry’ in Popular Media

Sharing an insightful post on the misconception of Slam Poetry.

Katie Ailes

Hi everyone! Today I’m posting in response to a frustrating effect I’ve noticed in the public perception of ‘slam poetry.’ For my research, I subscribe to Google News updates which send me daily emails with links to every media article posted that day containing the words “performance poetry,” “spoken word,” or “slam poetry.” Usually these emails are just event bulletins or interviews with poets; however, sometimes unexpected pieces pop up. This past week, I received notice of at least three articles where journalists were describing Sarah Palin’s endorsement speech for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign as “slam poetry”(see video, transcript of the speech; see articles in NY Mag, NY Times, Flavorwire).

Excerpt from NY Mag article "Sarah Palin to Trump Backers: Establishment Can't Tell Us We're Not "Red Enough"" http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2016/01/palin-trump-endorsement.html# Excerpt from NY Mag article “Sarah Palin to Trump Backers: Establishment Can’t Tell Us We’re Not “Red Enough”” http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2016/01/palin-trump-endorsement.html#

Palin’s speech was long and rambling, full of incoherent, disconnected statements, delivered with over-the-top pep, and assumedly it is for those reasons that the sources…

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