Five to One: A Political Statement

The song “Five to One” is about the power of the new surpassing the traditions of the old. It is a song about revolution and change. It is a song ripe for this election.

If you know me, you know I am not big on the idea of hope. I am the epitome of doubt and have often felt the only way to repair our broken society was to burn it all down and start over. Alas, the apocalypse never came.

Bernie Sanders gives me hope. It is the first time I have felt this way toward a politician (other than Elizabeth Warren, who would make an awesome Vice President by the way), and that says something.

I keep up with politics and I have my opinions, but I keep them to myself because, after all, who cares what one person thinks and, in reality, our voting system is still instrumented by the masses. One opinion alone, one vote, doesn’t count. But, I am not one vote this time.  I am not the only one who is fed up with the way our society is run and the direction we are often driven. I am not the only one who believes wholeheartedly that Bernie Sanders has the potential to do something revolutionary with this country.

I am willing to bet there is a ratio of 5:1 in favor of a great change in our government. It is just a matter of those voices, those votes, to be heard. If Bernie is the Democratic nominee come election day, for the first time ever, I actually do believe there is a possibility that the person sitting in the White House can make a difference. I will vote in the presidential election.

But this post is about more than endorsement. It is to remind that there is power in numbers, to remind the youth that this is the country they will inherit and that now is the time to speak, to vote, to stand up. To avoid the apathy that tends to consume us.

This country wasn’t founded by sheep; it was founded by rebels, by those not afraid of change. As we continue to evolve we must continue to adapt and recreate this world.

I dearly want a woman to be president (hint: Elizabeth Warren) but in all honestly I can wait if it means there is a possibility that someone can really make the changes to this country it needs. If Hillary is the nominee, I honestly will probably not vote.

I am hopeful (it happens rarely, so go with it), and Bernie has inspired me.  I believe he has integrity and will do all he can to fulfill his promises to our country.

Perhaps this is a foolish post, but for the first time I feel strongly enough about a politician to write about it, to post about it, to encourage others to vote, and that is a first for me and quite possibly an only.

This message is for the first time voters, for those with children whom they hope to raise in a safe, educated and growing world. Go vote, start a rally, speak and be heard.