Sometimes I wish I could read people’s minds. Silence is a language I could never truly decipher, and your body movements play a game which I never knew the rules.

I wish I could read your mind because despite the transparency of eyelashes and the patience of statues, I am still easily fooled. I want to believe every word you told me. I have the power of avoidance, of suppression, of wait long enough it will go away. I am well trained at watching things go away. My grip is unsteady and triangular.

I am most insightful when I am silent. I am unable to think and speak at the same time. I am unable to travel backwards and identify the words I should have said, the perfect words.

I am not gentle with the things that are most precious to me. Perhaps if I was, then I would be able to read the lines around your eyes when you look at me.

If I had one power it would be that of kindness. If I could change one thing it would be that you smile when you think of me.