For Chelsea

What more
does a girl need
than an ocean
at her feet?

The crash of waves,
curl of toes against sand,
sunlight reflected
in unkempt hair.

I know the winter
is coming.
I know how the chill
of the months
can stagnate
your feet and
freeze your fingers.

I know the
cold and lonesome.

Pain has clenched fists
in a grotesque smirk.
It knows where to find you.

But there is so much else.

Come May,
the sun will
lighten chestnut locks
and brown the pale
skin of under arm.

If you are lucky,
and I know
you are, you will
be able
to watch sunrise
over ocean
and know this world
will continue.

For right now,
the waves are crashing,
hear them,
feel the energy,
they are here
only for you.