I want to
see what remains

if the bricks of
the foundation
endure after
the tunnel of wind
twists pass

I want to
know what survives
the flames

if home prevails
or dissolves

if it is possible
to rebuilt or better
to move on

there is no
permanence in foundation

even those carefully
planted away from
the fault lines
are not safe from
from the shake

every land has
its way to uproot
ground which
once seemed solid

nothing is so sturdy
that wind and air and fire and earth
can not take it

it is very well
we humans are
short lived

in our hearts we
know this world
will outlast us

it doesn’t make
observing its destruction
any easier


One thought on “Aftermath”

  1. Seems like a matter of perspective; if we do know the world survives, then it’s not destroyed. I thought of this poem as a good analogy for humanity as well, since we always seems to rushing to destroy ourselves, but we’re still here.

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