they saw shared a path
on a midnight mosey
and they saw a million
stars speckled against
velvet backdrop. and
they saw the milky way
a cloudy substance
mixing weaker points,
blending, hiding. and
they saw shadows creep
beside them, along their
way, the mountains
watching their movements
as they watched its.
and they saw trees shake
leaves in the chilled wind
and they saw each other’s
hand, cold and solitary.
and they saw fingers
join in soft embrace
warming themselves
against each other. and
they saw the moon, giant
yellow coffee stain against
the night sky, so patient.
and they saw a star arch
through the black, just one.
and as morning broke across
the horizon, assuring them
they survived the night,
they took a moment to turn
and in the breaking dawn
they saw each other.