KissYou are
simplicity’s smile,
the mist of
breath as I
laugh in the cold.

The cracked
footprints fading
in snow.
You are trapped
inside limbs
that only know
how to move
around you.

Clandestine love
shrouded with
obsession in the
darkness of
the morning.

You are something
I love too much
and can’t bring
myself to let go.

You are
velvet melody,
the softest
of caresses
against cheek,
a secret
in my ear,
a kiss on
A gentle hand
stirring the
small of my back.

You are my memory
of what could
have been if
I only stayed in
your arms,
lingered in
your gaze.

You are greatness,
a masterpiece
held inside this
moment of time.


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