In my dream..

In my dream you were alive.
I saw you: a broken man with
crooked smile telling me
it’s been seventeen years.
You’ve been looking for me for
seventeen years. You’ve been
in love with me for seventeen
years. But on this day, there
was only sadness and heartbreak
and death. By the end of the
dream you had regressed to your
childhood hiding place. More
than anything in the world, I
wanted to find you, to call you,
to write you a message in my
sloppy script assuring you
that some things never die. But
you were already lost to me.
This is how I wake up, chasing
rabbits and following shadows. At
a loss for what I could not quite
reach. You were always the illusive
one. So I lay here and I bleed and
it is as sweet as the Sunday morning
we never had a chance to share.


2 thoughts on “In my dream..”

  1. Beautiful. It hurt my heart to read, because it brought back memories of someone I loved deeply and intensely for years……that longing for that Sunday morning together. A lovely, and evocative, poem.

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