Second Chances


I believe
in picking up
broken glass
before it is
stepped on.

I believe
there are many
shades of blue.
Not all of
them beautiful.

I believe
in mending
the holes in
your jeans,

not getting
ride of something
useful because
it is old.

My father’s voice
is still useful to me.
My mother’s wisdom
still creates the
insecurities of my

I keep those
close to me.

I believe
in rewatching
old movies and
rereading books
even if I seldom
get the chance.
I believe
in trying again,
attempting another
revolution around
this world.

Not all acts
can be forgiven,
not all heartbreak
can be corrected.


I still smile
at strangers even
when I am at my
lowest. I still
find comfort in the
embrace of an old
friend though we don’t
talk like we once did.