SeptemberSeptember: traces of letting go


“A collection of poetry by Katrina K Guarascio, accompanied by the photography of Gina Marselle, September: traces of letting go is a beautiful collaboration sharing the efforts of these two artists. This collection contains poetry from Guarascio’s previous out of print books as well as new poetry which has never been previously published. This is the first publication combining the works of these two artists but hopefully will not be the last.”

Amazon Reviews:

“Katrina Guarascio is a personal favorite. This collection of hers is something I am extremely proud to own. The addition of Gina Marselle, and her photography, makes for a well balanced book,and a nice assortment of emotions. I would recommend this to anyone in love with words, because the context in which Guarascio sets hers is unlike the majority of poets I’ve experienced. This is definitely a positive thing, too.”

Author Notes:

This collection is one of my favorites for various reasons. The first is that it is collaboration with Gina Marselle, whose photography I have always admired. It is also a collection of some of my favorite poems surround the theme of maturation, growth, and forgiveness. The writing is accessible and revealing, and the photography flatters the imagery of the word. This was my first publication with Swimming with Elephants Publications which allowed me the ability to refine my work into a lovely collection that I am proud to have my name on. 

~Katrina K Guarascio

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my versemy verse,


“When one woman creates we know this as spell casting. When one or more of these female titans get together with the intent to produce art we call this act of goddess: splitting cells. Lord help us all if they begin to shed clothes, vulnerabilities, secrets, traumas, and metaphors that bounce like agitated atoms. This is the naked truth shook loose from words and physical form. This is poet Katrina K Guarascio and photographer Shawna Cory when they decided to comingle and author a book.”

~Jessica Helen Lopez author of Always Messing with Them Boys

Amazon Review:

“When she closes/herself to the sun,/like a brilliant iris/hidden by eyelid,/she becomes her own.” “my verse,” is a new collection of poetry by Katrina K Guarascio. It is a contemporary collaboration between three artists. It is “raw”. “Bloody”. “Honest”. It is a collection that reflects her frank openness into the dark nuances of life that many of us shy away from writing or sharing. It takes some kind of energy to visit and pull out truth from the darkest plots of bone, and in this collection the poet doesn’t hesitate to bring truth to the surface. Her truth encircles universal themes of life, death, love, fear, insecurity, vulnerability, and coping, becoming more in tuned with self, coming into her own. How better to do this than to mirror the reflection of vulnerability with photographs of naked body, flesh, and soul of the author and her cohort Albuquerque Poet Laureate Jessica Helen Lopez. Shawna Cory’s photographs in “my verse,” certainly are a fine art collection to view, each vignette of the body showcases poetic verse. This adds extreme interest to the pages, as the reader is reading. The black and white photos full of tone, shadows, and light, tease the reader. They are even more intriguing with words adoring the skin of two lovely souls. The author writes in her poem “Love and Honey”, “I wonder sometimes/ about the difference between/love and honey,/ and how only one can truly give/the ability to survive.” Which one do you imagine is the answer? Is it so easy to decipher? I invite you to open the pages of “my verse,” and explore the answer. Perhaps Katrina K Guarascio will inspire the reader to set paper to pen or film to camera, and search the darkest crevasses of body and soul.”

Author Notes:

This is the second collection of poetry I put together with the help of a photographer by my side. The idea for this publication sprouted during one of my graduate classes where I was studying modern poetry. As an older student, I felt like I was experiencing many of the poems in a new way or through a new lens. The poems I studied inspired the photography throughout the book. The poetry of the book is also somewhat new and what I might consider raw. I wanted to place in this publication poems that pushed the envelope, which were more graphic at times and also more abstract. This book theme holds true to the words from HD Doolittle’s epic “Red Rose and a Beggar” which inspire the title: “my verse, I can’t get away from it. I’ve tried.” With this publication I hope to show the unavoidable draw of poetry and it encompasses every part of a person’s life.

~Katrina K Guarascio

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the fall of a sparrow


“Here is a collection of poetic wonderment, musings on the ineffable universal experience of beauty as it is. Real, at times veiled by the uncertain consequence of letting go or giving in, yet always an experience on the lip of the chasm, preparing for wild success or the wailing dismay of failure.

Guarascio’s poems are filled with beautiful creatures, metaphoric animals crawling amongst the words, haunting the reader with their subtle, but necessary presence. In these poems are love, loss, resignation, breathlessness, intimacy and touch; the edge of the blade pressing against the plump flesh of the fruit or the slight swell of hipbone under a lover’s hand.”


“To be honest, I’ve yet to finish this thin collection, even after having it for almost a month now. Not because it’s bad, but because after reading one or two poems I have to stop and catch my breath. Good poetry should be subtle and profound. It should be a mirror that reflects experiences and emotions that the reader has gone through, all the while using surprising language and a unique voice. The poetry contained in The Fall of a Sparrow has all of those qualities. Katrina K Guarascio’s poetic voice whispers to those corners of the soul that may not have heard a voice in years, stirring memories of the love shared between friends as a child, the small moments shared between lovers, and at times eventual heartbreak. Lines and images still ring in my ears long after setting the book down and I want to hold on to their crystal clarity for as long as possible. For me this book has its place on my nightstand to be read in those quiet moments at night when I can’t sleep and need the comfort of memories to keep me warm.”

Author Notes:

The Fall of a Sparrow is the collection I have worked on for the majority of my adult life.  It is a full length publication of poetry, as opposed to shorter books which pair with photography, and contains some of the work of which I am most proud. My goal with this book was to tell a story through the course of the poetry, so that if one chose to read the book from cover to cover, they would have an experience similar to reading a novella or verse novel. However, I also wanted each poem to stand on its own, so if  a person where to just pick it up and flip through they could find a poem which resonates for them. No one has told me yet if I have accomplished this goal although I have asked many. I feel I may have failed but none of my friends or reviewers will tell me. Or maybe it is so bad that no one has ever finished it. After all, I shopped it for several years before placing it with Swimming with Elephants Publications. Regardless, it is a collection I am proud to have my name on and one which I feel represent my writing ability the best. 

~Katrina K Guarascio

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